Technique and condition

In That Moment is painted on a cotton duck canvas that was stretched, sized and primed by the artist. To create the image Bernard Cohen applied a line of flake white oil paint and then sprayed modified egg tempera paint on top. He continued with a line of white, overlapping the first part and sprayed along it. Cohen continued this process until the whole surface was covered.

As the paint dried, fine cracks formed in the thin coloured films principally along the perimeter of each line, or where the underlying white paint was thickest.

A thin film of matt varnish was applied with a spray gun in 1966 in the Tate Conservation Department.

The painting is in good condition. It is protected on the reverse with a stretcher bar lining of polyester sailcloth. It is displayed in its original batten strip frame.

Mary A. Bustin
July 2003