Bernard Cohen
Matter of Identity I 1963

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Bernard Cohen born 1933
Matter of Identity I
Date 1963
Medium Oil paint, tempera and metallic paint on canvas
Dimensions Support: 2438 x 2438 x 28 mm
Acquisition Purchased 1972
Not on display

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This painting is composed of numerous individual 'panels'. One source for this format was Cohen's freely inventive drawings, laid out in groups. Another was the tackboards which he and artists of many kinds used, to display diverse 'found' images. As would be his continuing practice, Cohen conceived each panel as a discrete painting, and completed one at a time. The panels are containers for very varied imagery, including a womb or squeezed bladder, a gathered curtain, head, body and legs in a schematic stack and the imprint of Cohen's outstretched fingers. Painting in layers, as here, would be increasingly important to Cohen in the years ahead.

September 2004

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