Technique and condition

The following entry is based on correspondence with the artists as well as the conservation record held in Sculpture Conservation.

A standard industrial use table supporting an assembled display of a commercial tea urn and teapot and twelve assorted commercially produced tea mugs arranged on a wood tray. All the items have been sourced by the artists. Except for the tea urn and teapot, all items have been used previously. The tea urn and teapot were painted with a hot rod design by John Dillon commissioned by Deller and Kane.

There are no extra inscriptions added by the artists.

The tea urn is not switched on during display and is not meant to be used.

The condition of the installation is fair; as expected of found, previously used items. There are minor chips, scratches, dirt, dust and sticky stains to the surface.

Jodie Glen-Martin
October 2005