Robyn Denny

Collage (Austin Reed, Version I)


Paper and gouache on board
Support: 264 x 273 mm
Presented by the artist 1973

Catalogue entry

Robyn Denny b.1930

T01835 Collage (Austin Reed, Version I) 1959

Inscribed ‘Denny 59’b.r.
Paper collage and gouache on card, 10¿ 10 11/16 (26.4 x 27.2).
Presented by the artist 1973.
Exh: Tate Gallery, March–April 1973 (not numbered).
Lit: David Thompson, Robyn Denny, 1971, pp. 14–16.

In 1959 Denny was invited by Austin Reed Ltd to make a mural for the lower ground floor of their shop at 113 Regent Street, which was to be ‘a trendy evocation of fashionable London’ (Thompson op. cit.). T01835 was the first of several collage studies for the mural, in which several letters can be identified though no particular word is immediately apparent.

In the subsequent studies, maquette and finished (6 10 ft.) work, the letters were more legible and formed recognisable though mostly incomplete words or phrases.

Published in The Tate Gallery Report 1972–1974, London 1975.