Technique and condition

Take 5 is painted on a fine-woven linen canvas that was meticulously stretched over an expandable stretcher. The linen is sized with glue and primed with a thin, oil priming.

Edges are covered with red or white self adhesive plastic tape, arranged to match the red and white bands on the front.

With the design described in thick charcoal, the artist applied colour evenly within the drawing lines. Initially the oil paint was matt but developed sheen and then gloss as subsequent layers were added. Finally, broad bands of colour were applied using household gloss paint. As a result the surface of the painting ranges from having a soft sheen to a strong gloss with subtle variations within each colour region.

The painting bears its original painted batten frame which is now worn. The painting is in very good condition despite the presence of dirty fingermarks. The painting is exhibited behind a barrier because touching it could cause damage.

Mary A. Bustin
March 2002