Sir Jacob Epstein
Sun God (verso: Primeval Gods) 1910, 1931–1933

Artwork details

Sir Jacob Epstein 1880–1959
Sun God (verso: Primeval Gods)
Date 1910, 1931–1933
Medium Hoptonwood stone
Dimensions Object: 2134 x 1980 x 355 mm
Lent by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
On long term loan
On display at Tate Britain
Room: 1930

Display caption

The two sides of this sculpture were carved at different times. Sun God was carved in 1910 when Epstein and Eric Gill were planning what Gill described as a ‘sort of twentieth-century Stonehenge’ of monumental sculpture at Asheham House, Sussex. Probably intended for this unrealised project, it is one of several works influenced by Egyptian art, exploring the power of the sun. In 1931 Epstein carved Primeval Gods on the reverse. Although the massive square shouldered figure is inspired by African sculpture, Epstein’s work in the 1930s also shows his engagement with younger British sculptors, including Moore and Hepworth.

September 2016

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