Technique and condition

A hollow lead cast mounted on a polished Belgian Black marble base in two parts. The head is attached with two bolts to a shallow five-sided base, which is held to a larger rectangular base by a central pin. It is a lost wax cast approximately 5mm thick with a very textured and gouged surface.

This piece is one of an edition of six, two of which are cast in lead and the other four cast in bronze. Since lead is a much softer metal than bronze, the crispness of the bronze casts is now somewhat lost in the lead version. Raised mould lines are visible on the surface. On the left of the flattened surface near the base there is a cast rectangular foundry mark that reads, 'C Valsuani'. On the right corner of the same side there is a cast inscription 'Fautrier' and an edition number '3/6'. These were inscribed in the wax prior to casting.

The sculpture is generally in good condition. There are numerous small marks and bruises evident in the surface, and a light brown casting residue in many of the deeper crevices. Tiny horizontal and vertical score marks over the surface are probably the result of cleaning after casting at the foundry. At the base of the sculpture are two internal lugs through which two brass bolts and nuts secure it to the marble bases. On acquisition a curatorial decision was taken to remove the five sided marble section, considered to be a later addition, and display the lead cast directly on the rectangular marble base.

Sandra Deighton
October 1997