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'Four, Casb 2'67', 'Ringl 1'67' and 'Rope (Gr 2Sp 60) 6'67' are three separate works by Flanagan. Each title is an abbreviation of a technical description. 'Four Casb 2 '67' 'derives from four canvas sand bags number two 1967', while 'Ringl 1'67' is reduced from Ring lino number one 1967 and 'Rope (Gr 2Sp 60) 6'67' comes from 'Rope green two space sixty feet number six 1967'. This titling system was partly inspired by Flanagan's interest in the writings of Alfred Jarry, and in concrete poetry. Although all works are separate sculptures, when placed together they offer a culmination of Flanagan's work in the late 1960s. Flanagan wrote of them in 1969: 'It is fortuitous or interesting that they negate their specific identities and work together in such a way.'

August 2004