Catalogue entry

Barry Flanagan b. 1941
T01120 AAING I GUI AA 1965
Not inscribed.
Plaster, cloth and found objects in five pieces:
(a) 66×27×23 (168×68.5×58.5).
(b) 42×22×9½ (107×56×24).
(c) 36½×14×9½ (93×35.5×24).
(d) 15½×33×11 (39.5×84×28).
(e) 20×7½×6½ (61×19×16½).
within painted or adhesive bandage circle approximately 54 (137) in diameter.
Purchased from the artist through the Rowan Gallery (Grant-in-Aid) 1969.
Exh: Group H, Better Books Basement, July 1965; Rowan Gallery, August–September 1966 (1).
Repr: Arts Magazine, XL, December 1965, p. 16; Studio International, CLXXII, 1966, p. 150.

According to the artist (information communicated by the Rowan Gallery 16 January 1970), the pieces were made as separate sculptures in the early summer of 1965 and were grouped together in June that year, shortly before they were first exhibited.

The circle, which surrounds the pieces, is freshly painted or laid down on the floor for each presentation of the sculpture.

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1968-70, London 1970