Renato Guttuso
The Discussion 1959–60

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Renato Guttuso 1912–1987
The Discussion
La discussione
Date 1959–60
Medium Tempera, oil paint and printed papers on canvas
Dimensions Support: 2200 x 2490 mm
Acquisition Purchased 1961
Not on display

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The fervent nature of Guttusos politics is captured in The Discussion. The work mixes the reportage style of Socialist Realism with the modernist device of collage, and shows a scene of heated debate. Partial headlines are legible, such as 'Proletariat' and 'Today in Moscow'. It coincided with Guttuso's increasing need to defend art that was committed to realism at a time when many in the Western European Communist parties were questioning its value following the death of Stalin and the disintegration of Stalinism.

August 2004

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