Technique and condition

Painted on a fine linen canvas with a smooth white lead oil ground. The canvas is stretched onto a substantial stretcher with a Robersons colourman's stamp on the single crossmember. It has a similar original auxiliary canvas, with the ground on the reverse, stretched and immediately behind the painted canvas.

The artist's technique makes full use of the white ground exploiting the translucency of the oil paint in places, for example, the thin shadows but also its opacity in the whites and more thickly painted passages. A stiff brush was used, following the contours and shapes of the rocks to emphasise their texture and form. The sky and waterfall are also strongly brushed. There is a painterly and possibly unresolved area in the foreground.

Changes in transparency work against the recession of the image. It has been recently restored and now has a sprayed clear varnish. Some raised cracks relate to the priming and stretcher.

It has its original frame. Gilded over carved applied mouldings.

Stephen Hackney