Catalogue entry

Bryan Kneale b. 1930

T00695 Knuckle 1964

Not inscribed.
Steel, 33½ x 25¼ x 12 (85 x 64 x 30.5).
Purchased from the Redfern Gallery (Grant-in-Aid) 1964.
Exh: Redfern Gallery, November 1964 (12, repr.).
Repr: The Arts Review, XVI, No. 21, October 31- November 14, 1964, back cover.

The artist wrote (1 January 1965, dated in error 1964): ‘“Knuckle” evolved after my work had become less to do with actual physical joints between the various elements (joints capable of movement) and more of a way of expressing a type of energy. In other words to join disparate forms and spaces by a kind of heart or core of movement. Also to make these forms as simple and stripped as possible.’

Published in The Tate Gallery Report 1964–1965, London 1966.