Kenneth Martin
Rotary Rings (Fourth Version) 1968

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Kenneth Martin 1905–1984
Rotary Rings (Fourth Version)
Date 1968
Medium Brass
Dimensions Object: 933 x 584 x 584 mm
Acquisition Purchased 1971
Not on display

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This work belongs to a group of four sculptures that explore movement through a sequence of discrete elements. By using the primary forms of lines and curves Martin establishes a sequence of what he calls 'fundamental movements': twists and rotations. 'Rotary Rings' is made up of five sequences of rings set horizontally to a threaded vertical rod. Each of the bronze elements comprises four rings attached to a bush, or hub. A hyperbolic curve is attached to the outer ring, whose length and depth is proportional to the rings. Each curve is identical, but is attached to the rings at different points. The sculpture's verticality is attained by balancing and counterbalancing the five sequences of rings and curves.

August 2004

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