Technique and condition

Painted on a re-used canvas which was primed and partly painted on what is now the reverse before being restretched and primed by the artist with a white oil ground.

The artist has painted thickly in oil using a stiff brush to create a spiky impasto over most of the surface. This follows closely the forms of the falcons and background. The technique is wet-in-wet paint and in the main opaque, except for local areas of glazing in the shadows. Small patches of ground are visible at the boundaries of some forms indicating that the image was built up in dabs. No underdrawing is visible. Sand or some other coarse powder has been added to the paint used for the rocks to create a textured surface.

The work has never been varnished. The painting has suffered from being left in damp and dirty conditions but after cleaning is now in reasonably good condition. Some drying cracks are evident on the falcon.

The original frame is stamped Morris.

Stephen Hackney