Auguste Renoir
Mother and Child c.1916, cast 1927

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Auguste Renoir 1841–1919
Mother and Child
Mère et enfant
Date c.1916, cast 1927
Medium Bronze
Dimensions Object: 533 x 235 x 318 mm
Acquisition Presented by Sir Thomas D. Barlow 1929
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In his last years Renoir made a number of sculptures using the female form to symbolise a benign relationship between human beings and nature. This informal study of a woman breast-feeding a baby was based on a painting executed many years earlier, in 1885, of Mme Renoir nursing their first child, Pierre. Soon after Mme Renoir's death in 1915, the artist happened to see the painting again, and this gave him the idea of commemorating his wife, who had been a devoted housewife and mother, in a sculpture. Renoir suffered from arthritis at this period, and the bronze was fashioned by Richard Guino under the artist's instruction and using the painting as a basis.

September 2004

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