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An imaginative reconstruction of the Vorticist artists at the Restaurant de la Tour Eiffel, 1 Percy Street, London. It features, from left to right, seated: Cuthbert Hamilton, Ezra Pound, William Roberts, Wyndham Lewis, Frederick Etchells and Edward Wadsworth. Standing in the doorway are Jessica Dismorr and Helen Saunders. Joe, the waiter, and Rudolph Stulik, the proprietor of the restaurant from 1908-1937, are on the right. Etchells is holding volume I of the Vorticist publication 'Blast'. In the late 1950s, Roberts commented on the evenings at the restaurant in 'The Listener' (21 March 1957): 'In my memory la cuisine française [French cooking] and Vorticism are indissolubly linked.'

August 2004