Alison WildingReceiver 1988

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Alison Wilding (born 1948)
Date 1988
MediumSteel, oak, pigment and beeswax
Dimensionsdisplayed: 1945 x 1405 x 1000 mm
Acquisition Purchased 1991
Not on display


Receiver consists of two physically discrete elements placed side by side on the floor. The larger of the two is an upright, cylindrical form made from two sheets of galvanized steel bolted together. The roughness of its surface is accentuated by an unevenly applied grey/black pigmented oil wash, which gives the metal a streaky appearance. The sheet steel has been punctured several times from within, leaving the skin of this vertical tower scarred and lacerated. Nestling at its foot is the second sculptural element, an oval piece of carved oak. It is a form that recurs many times in Wilding's work and she has commented, in respect of Airing Light 1985-6 (Tate T049912), that it 'persistently defies attempts to define or "name" it' (quoted in Tate Gallery: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions 1986-88, London 1996, p.509). The surface of the wood is hand tooled and its ends are scooped out to suggest an interior space. Its gouged exterior is covered in a thick layer of soft, brown beeswax. Flecks of gold paint have been applied randomly to the wax surface… (read more)

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