The Art of the Sublime

ISBN 978-1-84976-387-5

Jacob More The Deluge 1787

Jacob More 'The Deluge' 1787
Jacob More c.1740–1793
The Deluge 1787
Oil paint on canvas
support: 1504 x 2046 x 37 mm
Tate T12758
Purchased with assistance from Tate Patrons and Tate Members 2008
More’s paintings were admired for their celebration of the dramatic beauty and power of nature. Here he creates a mysterious, tonal image of watery grey-green on the popular artistic theme of the deluge. A deluge legend, where a great flood is sent as divine retribution to destroy a civilisation, is common to many faiths and cultures. The best known in Britain is the biblical account in the Book of Genesis, where God sends a flood to kill all life, but instructs Noah to build a large vessel, the Ark, to save his family and a representation of the world’s creatures.

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