A fine-grained marble-like variety of gypsum, alabaster is a soft white or translucent stone

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  • Sir Jacob Epstein, 'Jacob and the Angel' 1940-1

    Sir Jacob Epstein
    Jacob and the Angel 1940-1
    unconfirmed: 2140 x 1100 x 920 mm, 2500 kg
    Purchased with assistance from the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Art Fund and the Henry Moore Foundation 1996 The estate of Sir Jacob Epstein

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  • Maurice Lambert, 'Swan' exhibited 1932

    Maurice Lambert
    Swan exhibited 1932
    object: 387 x 622 x 349 mm
    Presented by D.H. Conner 1932 The estate of Maurice Lambert

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  • Dame Barbara Hepworth, 'Three Forms (Carving in Grey Alabaster)' 1935

    Dame Barbara Hepworth
    Three Forms (Carving in Grey Alabaster) 1935
    object: 265 x 473 x 217 mm
    Presented by the executors of the artist's estate 1980 Bowness, Hepworth Estate

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Its softness enables it to be carved readily into elaborate forms making it a popular material for carved sculpture. It is also often used for ornamental stonework, though its solubility in water makes it unsuitable for outdoor work.