Drawing is essentially a technique in which images are depicted on a surface by making lines, though drawings can also contain tonal areas, washes and other non-linear marks 

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Ink, pencil, crayon, charcoal and chalk are the most commonly used materials, but drawings can be made with or in combination with paint and any other wet or dry media.

Drawing resources for kids

Side view of the results and equipment made on the digital makers drawing workshop, showing sketchy lines and battery circuits

Whether in the classroom or at home, these fun and unique resources on drawing will inspire kids to think (and create) outside the box.

How to be an illlustrator
What does an illustrator do all day? How do characters end up in your favourite books? Find out in this short film with illustrator Chris Haughton. 

Digital Makers: Make a drawing robot
Find out how to make a robot that draws!

Neon drawing disco
Set up your own neon den and play with secret drawings and messages with ultra-violet pens.

Make your mark
Get kids to fuse drawing with performance, in this activity about drawing body movements.