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Demand the art you want in the size you want it

Demand the art you want in the size you want it: Press related to past exhibition.

Have you ever wanted a print of a particular work in an exhibition and found it unavailable? Or not in the right size? Now, to coincide with the major exhibition Turner Whistler Monet, Tate is offering a more extensive range of exhibition prints, available in a variety of sizes, through a new service calledArt on Demand.

From 10 February visitors to Tate Britain can choose from over sixty works from the Turner Whistler Monet exhibition in four different sizes of print, on paper or canvas, and framed or unframed. Works available include iconic images of the Houses of Parliament by Monet, Whistler’s Nocturnes series and Turner’s watercolours. The range also includes drawing and etchings by all three artists.

The prints are available in 40 x 50cm, 50 x 70cm, 60 x 80cm and 100 x 70cm. They can be ordered on canvas or paper and framed or unframed, either directly from the Art on Demand kiosk at Tate Britain or online at Paper prints are delivered within ten days and canvas prints within twenty-one days.

In addition to images from Turner Whistler Monet, some fifty works from the Tate Collection are available including Hogarth, Constable and Sargent. Art on Demand will also stock a wide selection of pictures from the exhibition A Picture of Britain opening at Tate Britain on 16 June and the Henri Rousseau exhibition at Tate Modern (3 November). Art on Demand kiosks will be at Tate Modern from May.