American Sublime
Landscape Painting in the United States 1820–1880
Tate Britain: Exhibition
21 February 19 May 2002
  • Frederic Edwin Church Cotopaxi
    Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900)
    Cotopaxi 1862
    Oil on canvas

A major exhibition of revelatory, epic landscapes painted in nineteenth-century America will be shown at Tate Britain from February 2002. American Sublime will reveal how American artists built dramatically on the achievements of European Romantics such as J.M.W. Turner. Their work was shown in nineteenth-century London and admired by Queen Victoria, yet since then it has been scarcely seen outside the United States. American Sublime will bring it to a new audience in Britain.

The exhibition is organised by Andrew Wilton, Keeper and Senior Research Fellow at Tate who has researched and published extensively on Romantic landscape, particularly Turner. His co-curator is Dr Tim Barringer, Assistant Professor in History of Art at Yale University, who has specialised in Victorian art. Essays by Wilton and Barringer are featured in a fully illustrated catalogue (256pp, £29.99).