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Hito Steyerl and Rabih Mroué: Probable title: zero probability

Probable title: zero probability is a lecture-performance about an event that is absolutely not possible. It starts with a simple question about 'probability' that turned quickly into uneasy matters, that put Steyerl and Mroué in confrontation with the space of the zero probability where everything is possible but can’t be accounted for.

Trying to enter into this space, Steyerl and Mroué develop a narrative about probability in art, mathematics, physics, and death. They try to calculate such a space where it is possible to be 100% alive and 100% dead. But can one explain how 200% percent probabilty fits into 100%? 

Steyerl finds herself entangled within quantum superposition, while Mroué goes to his father asking him for private lessons in mathematics. They both get lost within a cut in a cinematic edit.

Hito Steyerl is a filmmaker and writer based in Berlin. She teaches artistic media practice and reflection at the University of Arts Berlin. Her work circles around the world of images and the ways of making, circulating and misunderstanding them. Her latest works include: The Kiss 2012, Adorno´s Grey 2012, The Body of the Image 2012, Abstract 2012 and Guards 2012.

Rabih Mroué lives in Beirut. He is an actor, director, and playwright, and a Contributing Editor in the Lebanese quarterly Kalamon and  TDR (New York). He is one of the founders and executive Board of Beirut Art Center association (BAC).

His works include: The pixelated revolution (2012); Grandfather, father and son (2010); Photo-Romance (2009); The Inhabitants of images (2008); How Nancy Wished That Everything Was an April Fool’s Joke(2007); Make Me Stop Smoking (2006); Who’s Afraid of Representation (2005) and others...

Part of the series The Tanks: Art in Action

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6 October 2012 at 20.30–22.00

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