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Muster Station, the School of Beginnings With Whitstable Biennale

Adam Chodzko Muster Station/You’ll see this time it’ll be different Courtesy Benaki Museum Athens

Explore how new realities and ways of being can be produced in response to shifting parameters and circumstances

Muster Station is is a rethinking and regrouping – an evolving group of artists that emerged as a direct consequence of the closure of our art school and the need to develop a new vision and approach to working.

Join Muster Station in a programme of workshops, talks, interactions and interventions exploring how artistic production responds to constantly shifting conditions. Space, time, audience, and the ebb and flow of economic and political support can all impact on production. Embracing and inventing new forms of play, production at Tate Exchange will evolve methods that can be used in order to produce new visions, alternative solutions, and other ways of working and being.

This event is programmed by Whitstable Biennale, a Tate Exchange Associate.

About Whitstable Biennale

Whitstable Biennale is a festival of contemporary visual art taking place every two years, with an extensive year-round programme, based on the Kent coast.

Tate Modern

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3 February 2018 at 12.00–18.00

4 February 2018 at 12.00–18.00

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