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Engage in a relentless production line of activity and performances that question the value of production and society's consumption of commodities

Members of Spike Island’s Associates network invite you to join in – or simply experience – our animated programme of activities in a production line churning out an ongoing cycle of construction, deconstruction and recycling.

Taking a selection of artworks from the Tate collection as a departure point, the group will re-make and re-imagine iconic works. We need a hand with this, so get involved! Witness the process and enjoy the series of pop-up activities and performances that we have planned for the factory floor.

Bring your questions and concerns to the floor as our aim for this event is to open debate around the impact that production and consumption has on communities, economy, worth, and happiness... Come and meet us, let’s talk about it all.


Drop in to our animated production line and join in our daily workshops:

  • 14.00 – 15.00: Printing Cells

Using images of cells and microbiological structures, our collaborative printmaking event experiments with print processes. Rollers and spoons will be used as printing presses. The images, made on translucent paper or sheer fabric, will be hung and layered to form a three-dimensional installation.

  • 15.00 – 16.00: Cut Up

Join in a series of word and text generating activities, both analogue and digital. Use the 'cut-up method' and 'fold-in method' to make poetry, word strings and letter printing on the theme of production, assembly, and disassembly.

  • 16.00 – 17.00: Sit In

Sit In is inspired by an Eastern European tradition called Sedianka. This involved communities gathering together in the evenings to knit, weave, sew and tell each other stories. Sedianka literally means 'sitting together' in a group.

Join us on our Sit-In carpet, created by one of the artist’s grandmothers at a Sedianka. Sew plastic and paper using kebab sticks as needles; knit and knot wool, twine and rope with needles made from found wood and plastic; create hanging sculptures from found objects, cutlery and picture frames; and enjoy stories and storytelling.

Other Activities:

  • Soundscape

Experience an atmospheric soundscape. From background sound to short bursts of intense noise, sounds provide a ‘groove’ for the boiler–suited workers in our production line to respond to. Industrial sounds, sirens, and commands and the looping inner thoughts and feelings of the ‘workers’ are layered to produce a fragmentary piece which will grow and develop during the occupation at Tate Exchange

  • Map

Locate, document and reproduce (via drawing or sketch) individual Tate artworks from a scribbled set of notes and instructions. These will be added to an evolving information board.

  • Take a Tour

Request a tour from our resident health and safety artist who will take visitors on a walk through the production line’s internal workings.

  • Graphic Choir

Join in the interactive performance Music While you Work with Lyrics by Windsor and Newton. Please note this is not singing but ‘sound making’ with voice.

  • Mini Lectures

Listen to didactic one minute lectures on selected artworks given by our workers via a megaphone.

  • Drawing Classes

Get creative with impromptu drawing classes and document reproductions of Tate artworks.

This event is programmed by Spike Island, a Tate Exchange Associate.

About Spike Island

Spike Island is an international centre for contemporary art and design in Bristol, UK.

Spike Associates is a membership network of artists, writers, curators, designers and other creative practitioners based at Spike Island.

Tate Modern

Tate Exchange

Blavatnik Building, Level 5

London SE1 9TG
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3 February 2018 at 12.00–20.00

4 February 2018 at 12.00–18.00

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