The Camden Town Group in Context

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Author unknown, ‘Camden Town Group Exhibition’

Nottingham Guardian, 9 December 1912.

camden town group exhibition.
 The third exhibition of the Camden Town group, just opened at the Carfax Gallery, Bury-street, has as one of its main features a picture by Mr. Wyndham Lewis, who is responsible for many of the decorations in the Cabaret Club, known too as the Cave of the Golden Calf. Entitled “Danse,” it is said to treat three human figures in swift motion. The visitor will have considerable difficulty, however, in discovering any more than the faces and one or two of the limbs of the ladies. Mr. Lewis is the leading English exponent of the “geometric” school of painters, and if once we abandon representative demands his skill in shaping geometric patterns suggestive of movement gives considerable pleasure. The colour scheme is free and harmonious, the play of rectangular or curved line entertaining. The connoisseur will find it easy to disengage as excellent and idiosyncratic the figure studies of Mr. Walter Sickert, who some day will be far more highly accounted than now, and there are several of Mr. Walter Bayes’s admirably decorative essays, besides bold landscapes by Mr. Spencer Gore and Mr. Lucien Pissarro.

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