The Camden Town Group in Context

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Author unknown, ‘In the Picture Galleries. The Camden Town Group’

The World, 21 June 1911.

The Camden Town Group.
A SMALL number of young artists who apparently find the New English Art Club too dull and respectable have formed themselves into a new society under the title of the Camden Town Group. Their first exhibition is now open at the Carfax Gallery. The best-known names in the group are those of Mr. Augustus John, Mr. Walter Sickert, Mr. Walter Bayes, and Mr. Lucien Pissarro. The rank and file seems to be made up of pupils of Mr. Walter Sickert, who paint studies of women seated on beds and other subjects in the vague and brutal manner of their master. Mr. Sickert himself sends two cheerful little canvases entitled “Camden Town Murder, Series No. 1 and 2” – rather feeble echoes of Degas’ work, without, however, any traces of Degas’ firm and incisive draughtsmanship. Mr. John’s two small landscape sketches are works of minor importance. Mr. Bayes sends some of his designs for the costumes and scenery of the recent production of Lord Dunsany’s play, The Gods of the Mountain. The only contributions that have serious claims to be regarded as works of art are Mr. M.G. Lightfoot’s two oil paintings, “Mother and Child” (17) and “Frank” (18). These are firmly drawn and painted with energy and decision. This artist has skill and ability, and a decidedly personal and original point of view. The rest are chiefly characterised by incompetence and a slavish adherence to the idols of their den.

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