The Camden Town Group in Context

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Author unknown, ‘The “Camden Town Group.”’

Daily News, 17 June 1911, p.3.

 At the Carfax Gallery there is an unusually interesting exhibition of pictures and drawings by fifteen member of the so-called Camden Town Group of artists, formed, under the presidentship of Mr. Spencer F. Gore, as an offshoot of the Fitzroy-street group. There may be named the able if not at first sight pleasant pictures of Mr. Walter Sickert, the admirable designs of Mr. Walter Bayes, Mr. Henry Lamb’s “Man Fishing,” slightly and delightfully reminiscent of Puvis, and the delicately perceived “Chelsea Garden” by Mr. M. Drummond. What Mr. Augustus John has to do with Camden Town is not very clear. In any case, the alert connoisseur is given a chance to acquire two remarkable landscape studies in oils by that “young Titan.” “Llyn Cynlog” in particular is a vision of rich and beautiful colour, boldly, joyously, and with powerful innocence used in the utterance of a nature theme. This comradeship of profound and airy blues, of greys and amethysts and silvers, is a thing to live with, to rejoice in.

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