The Camden Town Group in Context

ISBN 978-1-84976-385-1

Author unknown, ‘The Camden Town Group’

Glasgow Herald, 16 June 1911, p.9.

The Camden Town Group.
At the Carfax Gallery there opened to-day the first exhibition of what is called the “Camden Town group” of artists, whose president is Mr Spencer F. Gore. Most, if not all, of the contributors have been associated with the Fitzroy Street group, some of whom have moved northward, which explains the new name. The little show is far more than ordinarily interesting. Though there is nothing “important” in the way of scale, the student will find work to instruct and amuse, among others by Mr Walter Sickert, Mr Spencer Gore, Mr Walter Bayes, Mr Henry Lamb, Mr M. Drummond, and Mr J. B. Manson. The two little landscapes in oil by Mr Augustus John deserve special mention. In “Llyn-Cynlog” Mr John has obviously been influenced by the impressionists, if not by the post-impressionists. But the “message” is made wholly his own by a certain grandeur and innocence.

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