The Camden Town Group in Context

ISBN 978-1-84976-385-1

Author unknown, ‘The Camden Town Group’

Globe, 21 June 1911.

Why Camden Town? will be the question that will, we imagine, be asked both by those who do and those who do not know the habitats of the dozen artists or so who are exhibiting under that title at the Carfax Gallery. It is not a pretty sounding name, the locality has never been associated with art, and is in itself peculiarly inartistic, and none of the artists appear to hail from the locality, unless Fitzroy-square comes within its sphere. The answer will probably be what’s in a name? For instance, Why Carfax? The group are for the most part adherents of Mr. Augustus John, and include Messrs. Walter Sickert, Spencer Gore, W. Ratcliffe, Walter Bayes, and R.B. [sic] Bevan.

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