The Camden Town Group in Context

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Harold Gilman


Artist’s writings

1910Harold Gilman, ‘The Venus of Velasquez’, Art News, 28 April 1910, p.198.
1910Harold Gilman, ‘Composition in Painting’, Art News, 12 May 1910, p.218.
1914Harold Gilman, ‘Letters to the Editor. The Worst Critic in London’, New Age, 11 June 1914, p.143.
1914Harold Gilman, ‘Letters to the Editor. “Sickert and Neo-Realism.”’, New Age, 25 June 1914, pp.190–1.

Exhibition catalogues

1913Paintings by Spencer F. Gore and Harold Gilman, Carfax & Co., London, January 1913.
1914An Exhibition of Paintings by Harold Gilman and Charles Ginner, Goupil Gallery, London, 18 April–9 May 1914. Reproduction of ‘Neo-Realism’ by Charles Ginner.
1919Memorial Exhibition of Works by the Late Harold Gilman, Leicester Galleries, London, October 1919. Introduction by Charles Ginner.
1934Paintings by Harold Gilman 1876–1919, Arthur Tooth & Sons, London, 27 September–20 October 1934.
1943Paintings and Drawings by Harold Gilman (1876–1919), Lefevre Galleries, London, September 1943. Introduction by Hubert Wellington.
1948Paintings and Drawings by Harold Gilman (1876–1919), Lefevre Galleries, London, July 1948. Introduction by Philip Hendy.
1949Adrian Ryan, Thomas Carr, Sketchbook Pages by Harold Gilman, Gwen John, Redfern Gallery, London, 6–29 October 1949. Includes nineteen works by Gilman.
1954–5Harold Gilman 1876–1919, Arts Council tour, Arts Council, London, 1 January–31 December 1954, Manchester Art Gallery, 6 November–1 December 1954, Tate Gallery, London, 4 May–5 June 1955. Introduction by J. Wood Palmer.
1964Paintings and Drawings by Harold Gilman 1876–1919, Reid Gallery, London, 3–25 April 1964. Introduction by J. Wood Palmer.
1969Harold Gilman 1876–1919: An English Post-Impressionist, The Minories, Colchester, 1–29 March 1969, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 23 April–18 May 1969, Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield, 24 May–22 June 1969. Introduction by Julian Agnew.
1975English Paintings from the Bevan Collection: A Memorial Exhibition for R.A. Bevan 1901–1974, Anthony d’Offay Gallery, London, 16 April–9 May 1975. Includes five works by Gilman.
1981–2Harold Gilman, 1876–1919, Arts Council tour, City Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, 10 October–14 November 1981, York City Art Gallery, 25 November 1981–3 January 1982, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, 14 January–14 February 1982, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 25 February–4 April 1982. Texts by Andrew Causey and Richard Thomson.
1996The Friday Club, 1905–1922, Michael Parkin Gallery, London, 24 April–17 May 1996. Introduction by Richard Shone.
1998–9Lucien Pissarro et le post-impressionnisme anglais: Harold Gilman, Spencer F. Gore, Lucien Pissarro, Walter R. Sickert, Musée de Pontoise, 28 November 1998–7 March 1999, Château Musée de Dieppe, 27 March–6 June 1999. Introduction by Christophe Duvivier with texts by Anne Thorold, Wendy Baron, Andrew Causey and Frederick Gore.
2002‘a clean and solid mosaic’: Harold Gilman and William Ratcliffe, Southampton City Art Gallery, 26 April–7 July 2002. Text by by Esta Mion-Jones and Tim Craven.
2008–10From Sickert to Gertler: Modern British Art from Boxted House, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, March–June 2008, Gainsborough’s House, Sudbury, October–December 2008, Brighton Art Gallery and Museums, April–September 2010. Texts by Alice Strang, Frances Stenlake, Caroline Cuthbert and Dick Chapman.


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1992A.R. Roberts, The Studious Eye: A Study of Visual Sources and Ideas in the Work of Harold Gilman, unpublished M.Phil thesis, University of East Anglia 1992.


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