The Camden Town Group in Context

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Henry Lamb Letter to James Bolivar Manson 3 November 1913

Henry Lamb 'Letter to James Bolivar Manson' 3 November 1913
Henry Lamb 1883–1960
Letter to James Bolivar Manson 3 November 1913
Tate Archive TGA 806/10/6
© Estate of Henry Lamb
Henry Lamb wrote to James Bolivar Manson on 28 October about the formation of a ‘new society’ of which he was unaware (TGA 806/10/6). Manson must have responded explaining more about the society, soon to be called the London Group, as in this letter Lamb has replied more favourably. As a member of the Camden Town Group, Lamb had automatically become a member of the London Group.
He states that he has marked an X next to the names of election candidates on a separate list, but feels it is a ‘pity’ that Stanley Spencer was not suggested. Spencer was soon elected to membership of the London Group on 7 March 1914.

Helena Bonett
August 2011


Nov. 3
3 Vale Hotel Studios
Dear Mr Manson
 Many thanks for your kind note & explanation. I am only able to add a few X’s in my ignorance of the demerits or otherwise of the rest! What a pity Stanley Spencer is not suggested: he has a young brother, too, whose first picture is of infinite promise. I suppose I must attend meetings before grumbling
 Yrs sincerely
  Henry Lamb.

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