The Camden Town Group in Context

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Henry Lamb Telegram to James Bolivar Manson 7 February 1914

Henry Lamb 'Telegram to James Bolivar Manson' 7 February 1914
Henry Lamb 1883–1960
Telegram to James Bolivar Manson 7 February 1914
Tate Archive TGA 806/10/6
© Estate of Henry Lamb
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[Telegram form typescript:]
N.B. – This Form must accompany any inquiry respecting this Telegram.
If the Receiver of an Inland Telegram doubts its accuracy, he may have it repeated on payment of half the amount originally paid for its transmission, any fraction of 1d. less than ½d.; and if it be found that there was any inaccuracy, the amount paid for repetition will be refunded. Special conditions are applicable to the repetition of Foreign Telegrams.
Office Stamp
[Stamped:] Euston Rd. [...]
Office of Origin and Service Instructions.
[Handwritten:] Hampstead
   s. d.
to pay }
Handed in at } [Handwritten:] 2 [?pm]
Received here at } [Handwritten:] 2 [paper torn]
TO{ [Handwritten:] Manson 19 Fitzroy St
Please take my vote for Miss Trevelyan

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