The Camden Town Group in Context

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Jacob Epstein Postcard to James Bolivar Manson ?July 1913

The sculptor Jacob Epstein and the painter James Bolivar Manson met in 1903 when they shared a studio in Paris while studying. Despite their artistic differences, the two became good friends and obviously encouraged and helped one another. In this quick note, Epstein states that he is enclosing a postal order for £2. It is possible that Manson paid for the inclusion of Epstein’s sculptures in the Allied Artists’ Association exhibition and Epstein is paying him back. See also TGA 792/17, TGA 806/1/300, TGA 806/1/301, TGA 806/1/302 and TGA 806/1/304.

Helena Bonett
July 2011


Am enclosing order for £2. Thanks for it & hope it didn’t inconvenience you. Let me know about [... ?all] & [...] picture
[end of p.1]
[Private view invitation card:]
Sixth London Salon of the ALLIED ARTISTS’ ASSOCIATION.
International Art Exhibition
Showing Art activities in all its branches and styles from over twenty-six countries. TO BE HELD From July 5th to 30th, 1913, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL.
This ticket does not admit without payment.
[Stamped on card:] Admit Bearer to Private View July 4

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