The Camden Town Group in Context

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James Bolivar Manson


Artist’s writings

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1925Tristen-L. Klingsor, C├ęzanne, trans. by J.B. Manson, John Lane London 1925.
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Exhibition catalogues

1920First Exhibition of Works by Members of the Monarro Group, Goupil Gallery, London, February 1920.
1921Second Exhibition of Works by Members of the Monarro Group, Goupil Gallery, London, March 1921.
1923Paintings and Decorations by George Sheringham and Flower Paintings by J.B. Manson, Leicester Galleries, London, November 1923. Includes thirty-one works by Manson.
?1925Pictures by J.B. Manson, Ruskin Galleries, Birmingham, –25 July ?1925. Introduction by Charles Marriot.
1937Exhibition of Paintings by J.B. Manson, Wildenstein & Co., London, October–November 1937.
1944‘Girl with the Gardenias’ and other Recent Sculpture by Jacob Epstein, Paintings by J.B. Manson and Paintings and Drawings by John Craxton, Leicester Galleries, London, May–June 1944. Includes fifteen works by Manson.
1946J.B. Manson 1879–1945, Wildenstein & Co., London, 20 March–13 April 1946. Introduction by R.R. Tatlock.
1946Memorial Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by J.B. Manson, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, 10 August–5 September 1946.
1947Memorial Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by J.B. Manson, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath, 22 March–19 April 1947.
1976Camden Town Recalled, Fine Art Society, London, 14 October–12 November 1976. Text by Wendy Baron.
1979James Manson 1879–1945: Centenary Exhibition, New Grafton Gallery, London, 1–28 March 1979.
1980Three on Holiday at Rye 1913. A Group of Post Impressionists: Lucien Pissarro, James Bolivar Manson, James Brown, Parkin Gallery, London, 19 March–19 April 1980. Text by Malcolm Easton.
1988The Painters of Camden Town, 1905–1920, Christie’s, London, 4–24 January 1988. Introduction by Wendy Baron and catalogue by Francis Farmar.


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