The Camden Town Group in Context

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Portrait of Walter Richard Sickert c.1934–42

Portrait of Walter Richard Sickert c.1934-42
Portrait of Walter Richard Sickert c.1934–42
Photograph, black and white, on paper, taken by either Ronald Schweder or Andrina Schweder (née Angus)
106 x 81 mm
Tate Archive TGA 8120/2/9
This photograph was taken at the same time as TGA 8120/2/8, and it is therefore likely that it was taken either by Sickert’s sister-in-law from his previous marriage, Andrina Schweder (née Angus), or her husband Ronald. The location is the house of Sickert and Thérèse Lessore in either Bathampton or St Peter’s-in-Thanet. At this time Sickert was doing much of his painting from photographs, and he was always aware of his own image. Matthew Sturgis notes that for Sickert’s contemporaries: ‘The real signs of Sickert’s age were always difficult to distinguish from his theatrical exaggeration of such traits’ (Walter Sickert: A Life, London 2005, p.613).

Helena Bonett
September 2010

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