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Property Details for Robert Bevan's Cottage, Marlpits 1926

Robert Bevan first stayed in the West Country in the summer of 1912 in the company of fellow artists Spencer Gore and Charles Ginner. The three were invited to stay at Applehayes, the farm of their friend Harold Bertram Harrison, near Clayhidon in the Blackdown Hills on the border of Devon and Somerset. Bevan visited Applehayes again with Gore and Ginner in the summer of 1913 and by himself in 1915.
During the war Harrison became unable to accommodate visitors. Bevan therefore decided to rent a cottage nearby called Lytchetts on Hart’s Farm in Bolham Water for the summers of 1916–19; he then stayed at Gould’s Farm, Luppitt, in 1920 and at various cottages in the following years. He finally bought Marlpits Cottage, Luppitt, in 1923. The photograph appears to show Bevan and his artist wife Stanislawa de Karlowska outside the cottage.
In May–June 1925 Bevan stayed for the last time at Marlpits Cottage; he fell ill and came back to London where he died from cancer on 8 July. Property details and solicitors’ letters chart the sale of the cottage in 1926.

Helena Bonett
July 2011


C.G.A. Bartlett,                                                    Estate Office,  
Land Agent                                                          Honiton.  
Agricultural & Tenant Right Valuer 
and Auctioneer 
Telephone No 4.  
                                                      29th April, 1926.
Mrs R. P. Bevan, 14 Adamson Road, Hampstead, N.W.  
 per Messrs Every & Phillips, Honiton,  
                                           - to - 
1925/6                                                 C. G. A. Bartlett     Dr 
Oct.           On your instructions to sell Marlpit, Luppitt, by private treaty
               Preparing and circulating particulars of the property 
Apl. 14        Commission on the sale of the property to Miss Jacobs,
per Mr Albert Cornish, of 34, Loveday Road, West Ealing, together
with the furniture and effects remaining there for the sum of
Three Hundred and Twenty Five Pounds.
                        £325 @ 5% ......                   16 :     5 :     0 
Oct 24        Notice in Dalton’s Weekly    3:0 
Nov 7          ..     ..     ..    ..      3:6 
Nov 14         ..     ..     ..    ..      3:6 
Mar 23         ..     ..     ..    ..      3:6          13:   6 
                                                  16:   18:   6 
Sum received from Mrs Bell for certain items  
as agreed with you.........                       1 :    0 :  0 
                                                £15 :   18 :  6 
                [Handwritten over a stamp:]  
                              30 April 1926 
                              C.G.A. Bartlett 
With compliments 
[End of estate agent’s invoice]  
[Typescript property details:]  
                                            “Marlpits”, Luppitt, DEVON.  
Freehold two-storied Cottage in small garden and orchard on Luppitt Common. Garden newly stocked with fruit bushes, etc. Good bearing apple trees. Ten minutes walk from Luppitt Village, (Post Office, Shop, Inn, Church, Smithy).  
Station: Honiton (5–6 miles), main London-Exeter line.  
Telegrams and Telephone: Honiton or Upp-Ottery (2–3 miles).  
Honiton is a good country shopping and business centre, and from it Exeter can be
quickly reached.  
                                           ... ... ... ...
The Cottage is soundly built of stone with slate roof, brick chimneys, lattice casement windows. It is in a thorough state of repair, considerable sums of money having been spent on it in the last three years. It is dry and weather-proof.  
Water is obtained from a good well and is plentiful. (The purchaser could at small expense tap one of the springs just above the house and bring water even on to the upper floor).  
Sanitation. Newly built, sound and clean Earth Closet on brick pillars at back of cottage. Repainted winter of 1924–25.  
[End of p.1]  
                                           - 2 - 
Ground Floor.  
      Good sized living-room with large open fireplace.  
      Smaller room,  
      Back kitchen,  
      Wood-room and Toolhouse.  
First Floor.  
      Two good Bedrooms. (One could be used
as a Studio, since a light has been
cut in the roof at the back of the
      The front faces approximately S.E., looking over the
garden and orchard with a fine view right down the Valley.  
      There are good walks in the neighbourhood, which is
exceptionally varied and beautiful in scenery.  
                                           ... ... ... ...
      A certain amount of simple and useful furniture, linen, bedding, crockery, an
oil cooking stove, kitchen utensils and garden tools can also be bought with the
      Also a good supply of logs and firewood already cut on the premises.
      There is, I am told, a Tennis Club at the Vicarage. The owner of the cottage
can also pasture a cow or horse on the common, which is far reaching. There is also
the right of cutting bracken and, I believe, of shooting rabbits.  
      There is an annual nominal rent of 10/- a year to the Manor. Rates and taxes
are low.  
      R.A. Bevan, 14 Adamson Road, Hampstead, N.W.3.  
[Handwritten:] Price: £ 
[End of property details]  
[Solicitor’s letter:]  
EVERY & PHILLIPS,                                     Honiton,  
                      [Typescript with ‘19’ in letterhead:] 1st May 1926.  
Dear Madam,   
         Miss Jacobs has today completed the purchase of Marlpits Luppitt and we  
enclose our cheque for £196. 6. 8.  
made up as follow 
                      Purchase money                        300.  0. 0. 
                      Furniture                             25.  0. 0. 
                                                            £325.  0. 0. 
              Mr T. Northcote principal and interest
              in full settlement                     104. 10. 0.
              Mr C. G. A. Bartlett’s Account
                     (enclosed)                      15. 18. 6.
              Our charges                            8. 4. 10.   128. 13. 4.
                                                                 £196.  6. 8.
              Will you kindly acknowledge the receipt.  
               The Mortgagee is entitled to six months interest in lieu
of notice of intention to  
pay off, but we settled the matter by paying £4.10.0. which included the interest 
from the 28th January last.  
                     Yours faithfully,  
                     [Signature:] Every & Phillips.  
Mrs S. Bevan,  
14 Adamson Road,  
London N.W.3.  
[Solicitor’s invoice:]  
                                    May 1926.  
Mrs S. Bevan,  
Dr to Messrs. Every & Phillips, Solicitors.                         £      s      d 
Apl & May 1926. To Professional charges in relation to  
deducing title, preparing and completing Contract  
and Conveyance of Marlpits, Luppitt, Devon sold by  
you to Miss Jacobs for £300 including attendances  
and correspondence                                                 6      13      4 
              The like for Reconveyance from Mr T. Northcote
to Yourself of mortgage held by him for £100                       1       8      0 
                Payments                £        s        d
                Stamp on Contract                         6
                do. Reconveyance                          6
                Postages, registration &c.       2        6
                                                                           3      6 
                                                                  £8.      4.    10. 
[Handwritten on stamp:]  
Paid in account 
1 May 1926 
Every & Phillips 

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