The Camden Town Group in Context

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The London Group's Rules and Constitution 25 October 1913–3 January 1914

The London Group's Rules and Constitution 25 October 1913-3 January 1914
The London Group's Rules and Constitution 25 October 1913–3 January 1914
Typescript, by James Bolivar Manson (1879-1945)
Tate Archive TGA 806/10/6
© Estate of James Bolivar Manson
James Bolivar Manson was secretary of the Camden Town Group and so responsible for the group’s records. Here he has typed up the rules and constitution of the newly formed London Group following meetings from October 1913 to January 1914, making amendments to the rules as they were revised over this period.

Helena Bonett
August 2011


Rules and Constitution.  
President H. Gilman 
Hon. Treasurer R.P. Bevan 
Hon. Secretary J.B. Manson 
1.      The Society shall be called The London Group.
2.      Membership shall be limited to artists resident in the United  
        Rescinded Jan 3/1914 
3.      The Executive Committee of the Group shall consist of the  
        President, the Treasurer and the Secretary.  
4.      The President shall be re-elected every year.
5.      The President shall be the Official Head and Representative of  
        the Group.  
6.      Candidates for election to Membership of the London Group should  
        be invited to submit work and their names duly proposed and  
        seconded by members of the group should be posted up in the  
        Studio, 19 Fitzroy Street, immediately after an election and  
        remain up until the following election.  
7.      Elections of Members to take place on the first Saturday in each  
        month, except during the Summer and other vacations. July Aug Sept [in the margin].  
8.      The election of members will take place at a meeting of the Group;  
        members unable to be present shall be entitled to record their  
        votes by post, providing their papers reach the secretary not  
        later than the first post in the morning of the day of election;  
        or they may give written proxies to other members to  
        represent and to act for them.  
9.      In the election of members each adverse vote shall cancel one  
        favourable vote and to secure election a member must finally  
        obtain the votes of at least one third of the total number of members.  
10.     The Group will hold two exhibitions a year, one in the Spring and  
        one in the Autumn.  
11.     The works exhibited by each member shall be hung together in a group unless a member  
        [?demands otherwise]  
12.     The annual subscription for membership of the group shall be  
        paid in advance in half-yearly instalments.  
13.     Failure to pay subscription shall prevent a member from participating in  
        the exhibitions of the Group and may lead to his      
        name being struck off the list of members.  
[Multiplication sums written horizontally along the bottom of the page:]

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