The Camden Town Group in Context

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Walter Richard Sickert


Artist’s writings

1936William Henry Stephenson (ed.), Sickert, the Man and his Art: Random Reminiscences, privately printed 1936.
1940William Henry Stephenson (ed.), Sickert, the Man and his Art: Random Reminiscences, expanded edn, R. Johnson & Co., Southport 1940.
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2000Anna Gruetzner Robins (ed.), Walter Sickert: The Complete Writings on Art, Oxford University Press, Oxford 2000.

Exhibition catalogues

1895Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Walter Sickert and Bernhard Sickert, Van Wisselingh’s Dutch Gallery, London 1895.
1900Walter Sickert, Galerie Durand-Ruel, Paris, December 1900.
1904Walter Sickert, Bernheim-Jeune, Paris, June 1904.
1907Exposition Sickert, Bernheim-Jeune, Paris, 10–19 January 1907.
1909Vente de 84 Oeuvres de Walter Sickert, Bernheim-Jeune, Hôtel Drouot, Paris, June 1909.
1911An Exhibition of Pictures by Walter Sickert, Stafford Gallery, London, 27 June 1911–.
1912Paintings and Drawings by Walter Sickert, Carfax & Co., London, May 1912.
1916Paintings by Walter Sickert, Carfax & Co., London, November 1916.
1919Walter Sickert, Eldar Gallery, London, January–February 1919.
1925An Exhibition of the Etched and Engraved Work of Walter Sickert, A.R.A., from 1884 to 1924, Leicester Galleries, London, January 1925.
1926Exhibition of Paintings by Walter R. Sickert, Savile Gallery, London, May–June 1926.
1927Drawings by W.R. Sickert, A.R.A. Drawings by Old Masters, Savile Gallery, London, May–June 1927. Includes twenty-eight works by Sickert.
1928Sickert Exhibition 1928, Savile Gallery, London 1928. Preface by Hugh Walpole.
1929Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Richard Sickert, A.R.A., P.R.B.A., Leicester Galleries, London, June 1929.
1930An Exhibition of Paintings by R. Sickert, A.R.A., Savile Gallery, London 1930.
1931An Exhibition of ‘English Echoes’: A Series of New Paintings by Richard Sickert, A.R.A., Leicester Galleries, May 1931. Text by Sickert, ‘The Sources’.
1932An Exhibition of Recent Paintings by Richard Sickert, A.R.A., Beaux Arts Gallery, London, 11 April–14 May 1932. Text by Sickert, ‘Notes on the Sources’.
1933Important Landscapes From Private Collections by Gore, Grant, Innes, John, Sickert, Smith, Steer, Arthur Tooth & Sons, London, 21 April–13 May 1933.
1933An Exhibition of Paintings by Richard Sickert, A.R.A., Beaux Arts Gallery, London, 27 June–July 29 1933.
1933Retrospective Exhibition of Pictures by W.R. Sickert, A.R.A., Thos. Agnew & Sons, London, November–December 1933.
1935An Exhibition of New Paintings by Richard Sickert, Beaux Arts Gallery, London, 5 July 1935–. Foreword by Sickert.
1936Water-colours and Drawings by Lucien Pissarro; Recent Paintings by Richard Sickert; Paintings by George Grosz, Leicester Galleries, London, April 1936. Includes sixteen works by Sickert.
1937Sickert and the Living French Painters, Adams Gallery, London, –4 February 1937. Includes sixteen works by Sickert.
1937Exhibition of Notable Paintings by Richard Sickert, Beaux Arts Gallery, London, 20 April–14 May 1937.
1937Early Paintings by Richard Sickert, Redfern Gallery, London, 2–24 December 1937.
1938An Exhibition of Paintings by Walter Richard Sickert, Arts Club of Chicago, 4–27 January 1938. Introduction by Clive Bell.
1938Exhibition of Paintings by Walter Richard Sickert, Department of Fine Arts, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, 4–28 February 1938. Introduction by Clive Bell.
1938An Exhibition of Recent Paintings by Richard Sickert, Leicester Galleries, London, March 1938.
1941Exhibition of Recent Paintings by Richard Sickert, Leicester Galleries, London, April–May 1941.
1941Sickert, National Gallery, London, August–December 1941. Introduction by Lord Methuen.
1941Drawings by Augustus John and Richard Sickert, Redfern Gallery, London, 16 June–12 July 1941. Includes eighteen works by Sickert.
1942Sickert, Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts, London 1942. Foreword by Philip Hendy.
1942Sickert, 1860–1942: Paintings, Drawings and Prints, Temple Newsam, Leeds, 28 March–31 May 1942. Text by Philip Hendy.
1947Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by W.R. Sickert from the Collection of Robert Emmons, Thos. Agnew & Sons, London, May–June 1947.
1947Sickert to Hodgkin, Lefevre Gallery, London, August 1947.
1949Notes & Sketches by Sickert from the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, Arts Council, London 1949. Introduction by Gabriel White.
1950Sickert Exhibition, Hove Museum of Art, 5 August–30 September 1950. Preface by Lord Methuen.
1951Sickert: Forty of his Finest Paintings, Roland, Browse & Delbanco, London, 20 June–4 August 1951.
1953An Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Walter Sickert, Scottish Committee of the Arts Council, Diploma Galleries of the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, January 1953. Text by Lillian Browse.
1953Paintings by Sickert, Beaux Arts Gallery, London, 21 September–10 October 1953.
1957Sickert Paintings and Drawings, Roland, Browse and Delbanco, London, May–June 1957.
1957Sickert: An Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Prints, Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield, 24 August–29 September 1957. Text by Richard Seddon.
1960Sickert, 1860–1942, Roland, Browse & Delbanco, London, March–April 1960.
1960Centenary Exhibition of Etchings & Drawings by W.R. Sickert, Thos. Agnew & Sons, London, 15 March–14 April 1960.
1960Sickert: Centenary Exhibition of Pictures from Private Collections, Thos. Agnew & Sons, London, 15 March–14 April 1960. Text by Virginia Woolf, ‘Walter Sickert: A Conversation’.
1960Sickert: Paintings and Drawings, Arts Council tour, Tate Gallery, London, 18 May–19 June 1960, Southampton Art Gallery, 2– 24 July 1960, Bradford City Art Gallery, 30 July–20 August 1960. Introduction by Gabriel White.
1963Sickert, Roland, Browse & Delbanco, London, April–May 1963.
1964Sickert, 1860–1942: An Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings, Arts Council tour, Northampton Art Gallery, 25 January–15 February 1964, Worcester City Museum and Art Gallery, 22 February–14 March 1964, Derby Museum and Art Gallery, 21 March–11 April 1964, Borough Library, Rugby, 18 April–9 May 1964, Leicester Museum and Art Gallery, 16 May–6 June 1964, Kettering Art Gallery, 13 June–4 July 1964, Usher Gallery, Lincoln, 11 July–1 August 1964, Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery, 8–30 August 1964, Victoria Street Art Gallery, Nottingham, 5–26 September 1964, Shrewsbury Art Gallery, 3–24 October 1964. Introduction by Ronald Pickvance.
1967British Painting 1900–1950: Including Eight Paintings by Stanley Spencer and Works by William Brooker, Jacob Epstein, Sylvia Gosse, Augustus John, John Lavery, Derwent Lees, S.J. Peploe, Lucien Pissarro, W.R. Sickert, Matthew Smith, Wilson Steer, Graham Sutherland, Arthur Tooth & Sons, London, 24 October–11 November 1967.
1968Sickert in the North, Middleton Hall, University of Hull, 25 January–16 February 1968. Text by Malcolm Easton.
1970New Year Exhibition of Selected Works by Steer, Sickert, Lamb, Innes, Ethel Walker, Paul Nash, John Nash & Others, New Grafton Gallery, London, January 1970.
1970Our Own Sickerts: An Exhibition of Drawings, Paintings and Etchings from the Collection of Islington Libraries, Islington Libraries, London, June 1970.
1971British Paintings 1900–1971: William Brooker, Richard Eurich, Charles Ginner, Tristram Hillier, J.D. Innes, Augustus John, Derwent Lees, Lucien Pissarro, Walter Sickert, Matthew Smith, Stanley Spencer, Christopher Wood, Arthur Tooth & Sons, London, 20 April–15 May 1971.
1972Sickert: Etchings on Loan from the Circulation Dept., Victoria and Albert Museum; Paintings, Drawings, Etchings from Public and Private Collections, Arts Centre, New Metropole, Folkestone, 4–26 March 1972. Foreword by John Eveleigh.
1973Sickert, Fine Art Society, London, 21 May–8 June 1973, Fine Art Society, Edinburgh, 9–30 June 1973.
1973Recent Acquisitions of XXth Century British Painting: Including Work by William Brooker, Richard Eurich, Charles Ginner, Tristram Hillier, J.D. Innes, Augustus John, C.R.W. Nevinson, Lucien Pissarro, W.R. Sickert, Matthew Smith, Stanley Spencer, Arthur Tooth & Sons, London, 30 October– 24 November 1973.
1974The Sickert Women and the Sickert Girls: Walter Sickert with Therese Lessore, Sylvia Gosse, Wendela Boreel, Marjorie Lilly, Christina Cutter, Michael Parkin Fine Art, London, 18 April–18 May 1974.
1975English Paintings from the Bevan Collection: A Memorial Exhibition for R.A. Bevan 1901–1974, Anthony d’Offay Gallery, London, 16 April–9 May 1975. Includes one work by Sickert.
1977Sickert in Bath and Dieppe, Coexistence, Bath, 3 June–16 July 1977, Michael Parkin Fine Art, London, 21 July–20 August 1977.
1977–8Sickert: Paintings, Drawings and Prints of Walter Richard Sickert, 1860–1942, Arts Council tour, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, 17 December 1977–28 January 1978, Glasgow Art Gallery, 11 February–27 March 1978, City Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth, 8 April–21 May 1978. Introduction by Wendy Baron and text by Gabriel White.
1978Sickert: Paintings and Drawings, Browse & Darby, London, 13 April–13 May 1978.
1978–9Sickert: Etchings and Dry-points, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1978–9.
1979Walter Sickert as Printmaker, Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, 21 February–15 April 1979. Text by Aimee Troyen.
1979The Drawings of Walter Richard Sickert, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, 5 June–1 July 1979, Brisbane Civic Art Gallery, 23 July–26 August 1979, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 7 September–21 October 1979. Text by Lou Klepac.
1981–2Late Sickert: Paintings 1927 to 1942, Arts Council tour, Hayward Gallery, London, 18 November 1981–31 January 1982, Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, University of East Anglia, Norwich, 2 March–4 April 1982, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 12 April–22 May 1982. Texts by Frank Auerbach, Richard Morphet, Helen Lessore and Denton Welsh and catalogue by Wendy Baron.
1981Sickert, Browse & Darby, London, 25 November–22 December 1981.
1982Mr. Walter Sickert and his Printmaker Friends and Pupils, including James McNeill Whistler, Percy Thomas, Walter Greaves, Thomas Wray, Sylvia Gosse, Enid Bagnold, Wendela Boreel, Parkin Gallery, London, 20 January–13 February 1982.
1982Sickert’s ‘High Steppers’, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, 29 May–3 July 1982.
1984Walter Sickert and Sylvia Gosse: Pictures from the Towner and Loans from Other Collections, Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne, 8 September–4 November 1984. Introduction by Patricia R. Andrew.
1986Walter Richard Sickert, Lucien Pissarro, Spink & Son, London 1986.
1986Walter Richard Sickert: Advice to Young Artists, Norwich School of Art Gallery, 21 April–24 May 1986. Introduction by Lynda Morris.
1986Sickert and Thanet: Paintings and Drawings by W.R. Sickert 1860–1942, Ramsgate Library Gallery, Kent, 18 October–15 November 1986. Includes transcripts of 1934 lectures by Sickert.
1989–90W.R. Sickert: Drawings and Paintings 1890–1942, Tate Gallery, Liverpool, March 1989–February 1990, Tate Gallery, London, July–September 1990. Texts by Penelope Curtis and Richard Shone.
1990From Beardsley to Beaverbrook: Portraits by Walter Richard Sickert, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath, 19 May–30 June 1990. Text by Richard Shone.
1992–3Sickert Paintings, Royal Academy, London, November 1992–February 1993, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, February–May 1993.
1998Two British Impressionists: Walter Sickert and Philip Wilson Steer, Norwich Castle Museum, January–April 1998.
1998James McNeill Whistler, Walter Richard Sickert, Fundación ‘La Caixa’, Madrid, March–May 1998, Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao, May–July 1998.
1998–9Lucien Pissarro et le post-impressionnisme anglais: Harold Gilman, Spencer F. Gore, Lucien Pissarro, Walter R. Sickert, Musée de Pontoise, 28 November 1998–7 March 1999, Château-Musée de Dieppe, 27 March–6 June 1999. Introduction by Christophe Duvivier and texts by Anne Thorold, Wendy Baron, Andrew Causey and Frederick Gore.
2000Walter Sickert: Paintings, Drawings & Prints, Fine Art Society, London, 8 May–15 June 2000.
2002Sickert: Pages Torn from the Book of Life, Fine Art Society, London, at C.G. Boerner, New York, 10–25 October 2002. Preface by Gordon Cooke and text by Richard Shone.
2004Walter Richard Sickert: The Human Canvas, Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, 9 July–30 October 2004. Texts by Matthew Sturgis and Hannah Neale.
2004The Ruth and Joseph Bromberg Collection of Sickert Prints and Drawings, Fine Art Society, London, 21 September–21 October 2004. Texts by Gordon Cooke and Matthew Sturgis.
2004–5Walter Sickert: ‘drawing is the thing’, Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester, 1 October–5 December 2004, Southampton City Art Gallery, 20 January–20 March 2005, Ulster Museum, Belfast, 7 April–5 June 2005. Texts by Alistair Smith, Matthew Sturgis, Anna Gruetzner Robins, Wendy Baron, Nicola Moorby, Ruth Bromberg and Rebecca Daniels.
2005–6Degas, Sickert and Toulouse-Lautrec: London and Paris 1870–1910, Tate Britain, London, 5 October 2005–15 January 2006, Phillips Collection, Washington, 18 February–14 May 2006. Texts by Anna Gruetzner Robins and Richard Thomson.
2007–8Walter Sickert: The Camden Town Nudes, Courtauld Gallery, London, 25 October 2007–20 January 2008. Texts by Wendy Baron, Lisa Tickner and Barnaby Wright.
2009Sickert in Venice, Dulwich Picture Gallery, London, 4–31 May 2009. Text by Robert Upstone.
2008–10From Sickert to Gertler: Modern British Art from Boxted House, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, March–June 2008, Gainsborough’s House, Sudbury, October–December 2008, Brighton Art Gallery and Museums, April–September 2010. Texts by Alice Strang, Frances Stenlake, Caroline Cuthbert and Dick Chapman.


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