The Camden Town Group in Context

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Walter Richard Sickert Letter to Anna Hope (Nan) Hudson 1907

Walter Richard Sickert 'Letter to Anna Hope (Nan) Hudson' 1907
Walter Richard Sickert 1860–1942
Letter to Anna Hope (Nan) Hudson 1907
Tate Archive TGA 9125/5, no.155
© Estate of Walter R. Sickert
In 1907 Sickert, along with Spencer Gore, William Rothenstein, Walter Russell and Albert Rutherston, rented the first floor of 19 Fitzroy Street to display their work, with an open invitation for visitors on Saturday afternoon ‘At Homes’. Sickert invited his friends Ethel Sands and Nan Hudson to join the group and in this letter he drew the floorplan for them and asked that they both provide easels to show their work.

Helena Bonett
July 2011


Next Saturday 19 Fitzroy Street
[Typed letterhead:]
6 Mornington Crescent
London, N.W.
16 Bd St Jacques
Paris XIVe
Dear Miss Hudson
Many thanks for your letter & cheque.
 I shall be delighted to lunch with you on Friday. It would be light & I could see some of your work.
 I hate losing your Venice from here but it is not fair to you to prevent its being seen & slowly [?rubbed] in, week by week, to all our congregation.
[Floorplan drawing of 19 Fitzroy Street with written annotations:]
door open
Door locked
shelves for hats & coats.
window shuttered up
table for tea
 We are all contributing easels. Will you send one between you. A light weighted, dark wood easel. No elaborate [?raking] arrangements.
 The address is 19 Fitzroy St. Of course ask as many people as you can.
 [?Kindly] yours Walter Sickert

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