The Camden Town Group in Context

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Walter Taylor


Exhibition catalogues

1922Walter Taylor: Exhibition of Oil Paintings and Water-colours, Goupil Gallery, London, May 1922.
1932Exhibition of Water Colour Drawings by Walter Taylor, R.E.A. Wilson, London, November 1932. Text by Walter Richard Sickert.
1944Water-colours by the Late Walter Taylor. Memorial Exhibition of Works by the Late E. Morland Lewis. New Paintings by Cedric Morris, Leicester Galleries, London, April 1944. Text by W.J. Turner.
1973Brighton Yesterdays: Douglas Fox-Pitt, 1864–1922, and Walter Taylor, 1860–1943, Maltzahn Gallery, London, April–May 1973. Text by David Buckman.
1994Walter Taylor, 1860–1943: A Friend of Sickert, Michael Parkin Gallery, London, 16 November–16 December 1994.


1971Marjorie Lilly, Sickert: The Painter and his Circle, Elek, London 1971.

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