Henry Moore: Sculptural Process and Public Identity

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Anon., ‘London Sculptor’s Work Attacked’

Evening News, 1 January 1931.

Some pungent words about the work of a London sculptor were uttered by Mr. J.G. Moody in his presidential address to the National Society of Art Masters in London today.
He said:
“In last month’s issue of Apollo (an Art journal) there was reference in terms of loud praise concerning a piece of stone which had passes through the hands of a professor of sculpture at the Royal College of Art.
“If such vulgar and repulsive distortion of the forms used as data for expression are the ideal of a professor entrusted with training students in modelling and sculpture, then the alarm at our system of training artists is justifiable.
“If, as would be said, this is the personal interpretation of the mind and feeling of the author concerning the subject, then again the alarm in connection to guidance in such mental channels deserves the closest scrutiny before we allow susceptible talent to be in contact with such influence.”
Sculptor’s “I Don’t Care.”
The professor of sculpture to whom Mr. Moody refers is Mr. Henry Moore.
Mr. Moore, commenting on to-day’s criticisms, said to The Evening News: “I do not expect all the members of the conference to agree with my work, nor do I care about their disagreement.
“I work for myself and for those people whose opinions I value.”
The Royal College of Art, at South Kensington, is controlled by Mr. William Rothenstein, on behalf of the Board of Education. Today’s Honours List announce thatd a Knighthood had been conferred on Mr. Rothenstein.
There is a single illustration in this article (caption provided in the original style):
Mr. Henry Moore at work on one of his pieces of sculpture.

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