Henry Moore: Sculptural Process and Public Identity

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Henry Moore Postcard to Sir Kenneth and Lady Clark 2 December 1967

In November 1963 Henry Moore was approached by Professor William McNeill, Head of History at the University of Chicago to create a work commemorating the world’s first controlled nuclear chain reaction which, through the work of the physicist Enrico Fermi, took place in the university’s laboratories in 1942.
Moore agreed and arrived on 29 November 1967 to oversee the installation of the large bronze sculpture Nuclear Energy 1964–6 and to attend the inauguration of the sculpture at 3.36 pm on 2 December, the exact time of Fermi’s experiment twenty-five years earlier. With this postcard of a painting by Jacques-Louis David in the Art Institute of Chicago Moore sent a brief note about the ceremony to the Clarks.


Chicago. Dec 2nd/ 67.
I’m here to place the large ‘Nuclear Energy’ piece. It was unveiled (in damp cold weather) this afternoon with terrific pomp and ceremony – but all went well, I think.
 Have enjoyed 3 short (one hour) visits to the Art Institute – some wonderful pictures – love to you both
Sir Kenneth and Lady Clark
Saltwood Castle
Nr Hythe
[Printed on postcard:]
La Marquise de Pastoret, c.1791/92

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