J.M.W. Turner: Sketchbooks, Drawings and Watercolours

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IV. Diagrams after John Joshua Kirby’s Dr Brook Taylor’s Method of Perspective c.1817–28

Turner Bequest CXCV 1, 2, 4–12, 14, 15, 17, 20, 36, 51, 52, 105, 137–40
See Introduction, Royal Academy Perspective Lectures: Sketchbook, Diagrams and Related Material circa 1809–28. The diagrams in the present subset are based on plates in Dr Brook Taylor’s Method of Perspective Made Easy; both in Theory and Practice: in Two Books (London 1768) by John Joshua Kirby (1716–74). Turner owned a copy of this book which had come to him from his friend Henry Scott Trimmer, a descendant of Kirby’s. It was a convenient introduction of the theories of Dr Brook Taylor (1685–1731), who had invented the term ‘vanishing point’ and demonstrated its operation for the first time. The concordance indicates the plates adapted by Turner in order of their appearance in the book.
Source in Kirby 1768TateTurner BequestSubject
Vol.I, pl.I, fig.1D16977CXCV 8Ray of Light
Vol.I, pl.II, fig.4D16973CXCV 4Eye and Vision
Vol.I, pl.II, figs.7 and 8D17006CXCV 36Rays of Light
Vol.I, pl.II, fig.9D16989CXCV 20Rays of Light
Vol.I, pl.II, fig.10D17021CXCV 51Rays of Light
Vol.II, pl.I, fig.1D16971CXCV 2Standard Perspective
Vol.II, pl.I, fig.1D16970CXCV 1Picture Plane and Spectator
Vol.II, pl.I, fig.10D16986CXCV 17Object Lying Flat
Vol.II, pl.II, fig.1D16974CXCV 5Height of the Eye
vol.II, pl.II, figs.2 and 4D16975CXCV 6Two Methods for a Cube
Vol.II, pl.II, fig.2D16981CXCV 12Method for a Cube
Vol.II, pl.III, fig.3D16979CXCV 10Method for Vanishing Points
vol.II, pl.IV, fig.4D16976CXCV 7Equilaterial Triangle
vol.II, pl.IV, fig.5D16980CXCV 11Cube
vol.II, pl.IX, fig.4D17109CXCV 138Building
vol.II, pl.XII, fig.1D17075CXCV 105Capital
vol.II, pl.XII, fig.7D17022CXCV 52Circle
vol.II, pl.XIII, fig.4D17108CXCV 137Building
vol.II, pl.XVI, fig.4D17111CXCV 140Reflections
vol.II, pl.XVI, fig.4D17110CXCV 139Reflections
vol.II, pl.XIX, fig.4D16978CXCV 9Cube by Vredeman de Vries
vol.II, pl.XIX, fig.5D16983CXCV 14Cube by Dubreuil
vol.II, pl.XIX, fig.6D16984CXCV 15Cube by Pozzo

Andrea Fredericksen
June 2004

Revised by David Blayney Brown
January 2012

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