J.M.W. Turner: Sketchbooks, Drawings and Watercolours

ISBN 978-1-84976-386-8

V. Miscellaneous Preparatory Perspective Material c.1810–28

Turner Bequest CXCV 81, 83, 91, 98, 101, 107, 110–12, 131, 147, 158, 159, 161
See Introduction, Royal Academy Perspective Lectures: Sketchbook, Diagrams and Related Material circa 1809–28. This subset, comprised of tracings and other material, some of which is related to more finished diagrams, is grouped mainly by subject and method of production. A concordance with the numbering in Finberg’s Inventory is provided:
D17053CXCV 83House
D17061CXCV 91Tuscan Column
D40004CXCV 91 VersoTransfer Process
D17068CXCV 98Doric Entablature
D17080CXCV 110Corinthian Entablature
D17081CXCV 111Pulteney Bridge
D17129CXCV 158Cross on a Cube
D17102CXCV 131Building
D17118CXCV 147Stoa
D17132CXCV 161Colonnade (Tracing)
D17051CXCV 81House (Tracing)
D17077CXCV 107Tuscan Entablature (Tracing)
D17071CXCV 101Ionic Capital (Tracing)
D17082CXCV 112Pulteney Bridge (Tracing)
D40007CXCV 112 VersoPulteney Bridge (Tracing)
D17130CXCV 159Cross on a Cube (Tracing)

Andrea Fredericksen
June 2004

Revised by David Blayney Brown
January 2012

Supported by The Samuel H. Kress Foundation
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