Kid's view

Meet a Printmaker

What is a screen print and how do you make one? Find out what it takes to be a screen printer. It's pretty magic! You wipe some paint over a screen and boom: art!

Well it's not that simple! Screen printing is a type of printmaking. There are many other ways to make prints including cutting wood, engraving, and etching. You can print anything! It doesn't take long and can be really bold.

Lots of artists make screen prints, most famously, Andy Warhol, who used screen printing to make his colourful soup cans!

Herbert Bayer uses screen printing to make amazing colourful artworks. Patrick Caulfield also uses this easy method and makes bright flat images from everyday objects.

What would you print if you could print anything? Who would you take inspiration from?

Thanks to London Print Studio for welcoming Tate Kids to film in their studios.

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