For Grown Ups


Tate Kids is a dedicated website from Tate for kids about art. Here kids can play games and quizzes, watch videos about art and be inspired to make their own creations at home. Kids can also share their own artwork with other children around the world in the Gallery.

Your kids are safe with us

The entire Tate Kids site is pre-moderated – checked before it goes live. This is to ensure that it suitable for all ages. Our elves moderate as quickly as they can, so please be patient with them. We only let images through that are suitable for under 13's. We don't publish photos of artworks that include children (e.g. holding up their work).

To find out more please see our Safety Guide, Privacy and Cookies and Terms and Conditions, all written so your children can easily understand them.

When you submit an artwork via the Tate Kids Gallery or one of our games, we collect your information. This is so that we can improve your future experiences. We may collect your IP address. This is a unique number that allows a computer, group of computers or other internet connected device to browse the internet. It records the time and date of your visit, the pages that were visited, the referring website (if provided) and your internet browser version. For more details please see our Privacy and Cookies page.


Tate Kids will bring art to life for your pupils with its exciting and interactive activities which are fully compatible with interactive whiteboards, individual computers and tablets. There are also crafty activities to do offline in Make.

You can also visit Tate as a class


All four Tate galleries have extensive family events programmes, with regular, special and holiday activities.

Under 12s can visit any temporary exhibition for free when accompanied by an adult.