The internet is brilliant.

You are able to connect with people across the world really easily and share your interests. However it is very important you know how to stay safe online as people can join in and pretend to be anyone they like. Make sure you that your parents or guardians have given you permission to use Tate Kids.

Keep asking permission to send us pictures

We are happy for you to send in photographs of your artwork to Tate Kids, but please make sure you double check it’s OK with your parent/guardian. If you are taking a photo of an artwork you’ve done at home, please don’t include yourself in the photo. We won’t publish it if you are in the photo. If you’re not sure if you should send us something, it might be best not to.

Never give out your full name

Just as you wouldn’t tell a stranger your details, don’t share your full name or address over the internet.

If you feel unsafe or unsure about anything tell an adult

If an image is upsetting you, tell an adult who you can trust about it. Let them help you report your problem to us and we’ll do the best to sort it out.

Don’t share anything unless you don’t mind the whole world seeing it

Loads of people use the internet – your family, your friends and their families, your teachers – and their friends and their families! If something is private, definitely keep it offline as everyone could see it!

Swot up on Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Make sure you read these Terms and Conditions with an adult so you know the all the rules and understand what we do with the information you send us. If you want to read more about how to stay safe online check out CBBC Stay Safe and Think U Know.

Further help for your parents and guardians can be found here:

NSPCC Online Safety

Net Aware

UK Safer Internet Centre