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Top 5 Ridiculous Presents

We've all recieved presents we wish we hadn't. Fancy opening one of these artworks on a special occasion?

1. 6 coloured rectangles on wheels

What more could you ask for? The artist David Batchelor loves colour and explores it in lots of different ways. Have you thought about colour? Really thought about colour?

Batchelor thinks about colour in the city. Next time you are on a walk, have a look around you. What colours can you see? Are there any rectangles of colours?

2. Mound of stuff

Lynda Benglis
Quartered Meteor (1969, cast 1975)

Ew! That isn’t very pretty! I wonder how this could even be wrapped up?

The artist Lynda Benglis made this slippy looking sculpture out of lead and steel. I wonder what it feels like? She makes it look soft and sloppy while it is actually really hard. Clever!

3. Seeds

Ai Weiwei
Sunflower Seeds (2010)

What are you going to do with all those seeds? Plant them? Well actually that wouldn’t be that useful as these ‘seeds’ are actually made out of porcelain. Each ‘seed’ was individually made by hand. That’s a lot of work!

4. A cow

Damien Hirst
Mother and Child (Divided) (exhibition copy 2007 (original 1993))

Yes, they are real cows! Hope you like it. I think it would look great in your bathroom!

Damien Hirst thinks a lot about death and religious imagery. What do you think this cow artwork is about?

5. A staircase

This staircase is a copy of the staircase in artist Do Ho Suh’s flat. Does it look the same as the stairs in your house or at school?

Do Ho Suh’s art shows us different types of spaces. What happens on stairs? You’re either going up or down them. Where are you going? What if you stopped halfway down the stairs? Where would you be?

All these artworks would make great gifts even if they would be a little silly to wrap up!

What’s the silliest present you have received?
Is there anything in Tate's collection that you would like to open on your birthday?
What ridiculous present would you love to give?

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