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Top 5 Sea Creatures

Do you enjoy a day at the seaside? Have you ever come across these creatures in your bucket-and-spade adventures?

1. Fish

If you have a look through that crystal clear sea water, or in that little pond or in a quick river, we bet you can see some slippery fish splashing around!

Lots of artists have drawn, painted and made fish as artworks. We love these little doodles by Scottie Wilson. He must have drawn these when he was by the sea as you can really see the movement in his drawings! What are you waiting for? Grab a pen and some paper and get doodling!

2. Sea monsters

What’s that in the distance?! Can you make out the shape of that big creature?

Does it look anything like this sea monster by Pierre Alechinsky? Have you ever seen a sea monster before? Not many people have!

If you drew a sea monster what would it look like? Would it be big, thin and blue or would it have lots of legs with suckers on?

3. Shells

Frances Hodgkins
Wings over Water (1930)

Have you ever spent hours and hours on the beach looking down at your feet trying to find the best, shiniest shell?

Here are some of the shells artist Frances Hodgkins collected. She’s painted them to look as if they are shimmering in the light.

Artists have great imaginations. Although this looks as if it was painted by the sea in a tropical place, (is that a parrot on the balcony?!); It was actually painted in London.

4. Whales

Is that a whale with a paint brush?! That's not something you see everyday!

You are perhaps unlikely to stumble across a whale painting on the beach, but it’s fun to think about what might be the weirdest thing a sea creature could do! How about a sea turtle playing basketball or a seahorse in a real horse race?

5. Lobsters

You shouldn’t put your hand too near a lobster’s pincer because pretty soon it will go…SNAP!

John Craxton was staying in Greece when he painted this artwork. He was inspired by the colours of the coastline and the things he saw there.

Have you been inspired by seaside creatures? What sea creatures have you seen (or imagined!)? Have you discovered any fantastic beasts or beautiful shells?

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